Monday, August 13, 2007

Bush: Will need a new half brain at end of August

With Karl Rove resigning at the end of August, Bush is going to be looking for half of a brain replacement. Alternatively, Cheney may just take over completely. Don't assume this is a good thing. Do assume that more rats will be leaving this sinking ship of state.

Ever the family man, Karl is stepping down according to The Wall Street Journal because I've got to do this for the sake of my family." The same article restates for those who have been living under a rock that

"Mr. Rove has advised Mr. Bush for more than a decade, working with him closely since Mr. Bush first announced he was running for governor of Texas in 1993 and serving as chief strategist in his presidential campaign in 2000."

Joel Kaplan, Rove's "replacement" likes "Egg Bagels with Lox Spread and Raw Onion." The Wonkette also reports on less interesting things about him. Maybe Bush will start eating bagels, but somehow, I think he will keep eating Texas Toast. They certainly must put something funny into his.