Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Florida Factor: Is the DNC born to lose?

OK, so the DNC does not like the fact that the Florida Primary is going to be the 29th of January. Is it really a good idea to threaten to disenfranchise the Democrats of Florida?
Florida Democrats would forfeit their votes in selecting a presidential nominee unless they delay their state election by at least a week, the national party said in a stern action Saturday meant to discourage others from leapfrogging ahead to earlier dates.

Personally, I think Iowa and New Hampshire have no right to their position in the primary system. Such undue influence by two states most notable for their lack of people strikes me as absurd. Additionally inherited privilege is what America was founded against, so I say strip these pygmy states of their undue influence.
If the DNC is stupid enough to penalize one of the key states in the next election than we can be certain that the people of Florida will act accordingly.
The boys at the RNC must be laughing. The Dems will do whatever they can to shoot themselves in the foot. I can't decide whether I want to laugh or cry.