Friday, July 27, 2007

A 4th of July Poem for the American Empire

Justice is not blind
Nor is it impartial
It serves the powerful just as Thrasymachus said

Some will claim justice wrapped in a flag
Others will claim it with a cross
In the worst of times a reverse swastika will suffice
But always there is sophistry

We are all sophists now
Truth is what you make it
and Power is that Truth revealed
Say anything, say nothing, your views will be represented in the latest poll

Prepared for empire, you who were once citizens
Enjoy your home entertainment systems and copious dining options
If you vote it would not matter because you will never act as citizens
And you’ll leave your dieing to all volunteer mercenaries

And I, on the periphery, will marvel as you continue becoming the beast that your worst enemies want you to be, a voluntary exile who looks on his native land
with a nostalgia for a past that might have led elsewhere
Like looking for civic virtue on a vast barren desert

-Adam July 4, 2007