Friday, July 27, 2007

The Marshmallow Diet

If the World went on a Marshmallow Diet

Peeps would not just be for Easter

Rocky Road would reign supreme

Marshmallow Roasters would become a necessary household appliance

Curry marshmallows, lemongrass marshmallows, miso marshmallows, and jalapeno marshmallows would become all the rage

S’mores would be as popular as Kobe Beef Hamburgers in America

Marshmallow cream would replace soy sauce in Japan

Chinese marshmallows would dominate the world market until it became revealed that their consumption proved fatal to those with a rare, but undetectable allergy

French farmers would find some reason to riot

PETA would protest the increased demand for gelatin

Dentists would become busier

When lovers kissed their lips would stick together and their love would grow ever stronger

-Adam 6/29/07