Friday, July 27, 2007

Hundreds of Beduin from Egypt Ask for Refuge in Israel

In a BBC article focused on the discovery by Egyptian police of a ton of explosives 100km from the border with Gaza, the following was reported:

In April, an Egyptian policeman was seriously wounded by Bedouin gunmen near the border with Israel.

The shooting came as hundreds of Bedouin from the Sinai peninsula gathered at the border.

They were asking for refuge in Israel saying the Egyptian authorities have mistreated their community.

Rather interesting that some of the Bedouin prefer to be in Israel than Egypt. Of course, the BBC merely comments on this and does not actually analyze it. It might disturb their preconceptions. The Bedouin issue is complex, but so are many issues in the Middle East. If you want analysis by the BBC about the Bedouin in Israel, you can find plenty of negative reporting here.