Friday, July 27, 2007


Akiko and I got out of Tokyo for a couple of days. No internet, no TV, no newspapers. Just hung out in a cabin, hiked, and relaxed.

What happens? George the Idiot goes ahead and makes sure that his buddy wouldn't have to be in jail. Commuting a sentence is essentially saying: His guilt is not the issue, but the Scouter should not suffer. What is guilt without punishment? A $250,000 fine that his friends will pay for him? Give me a break. And no Jewish mother jokes please...

From the viewpoint of politics, I don't blame Bush for doing this. Since everyone who hates him already just hates him for one more reason, he does not have to worry about the public at large. Instead he just needs to play to his base: THE V P (Read the Washington Post Series on the VP!). No really, he is throwing the Republican base a bone, albeit a really small one, to make up for the fact that they now hate him because of his position on immigration. That said, I am still disgusted.

Now how about some photos from our vacation in Izumigo (Japanese site)!

1. The First No Hunting Sign I have ever seen in Japan:

Photo by Akiko

2. When "onry" local service is available:

Photo by Akiko

3. I was subject to a sudden attack of the muses:

Photo by Akiko

4. I grilled my first rice ball and took a really bad photo:

Photo by Adam

5. We also found time to enjoy the scenery on a long hike today:

Photo by Adam

Now that we feel relaxed, we have the energy to get stressed out again.